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Tree Trimming Service Federal Way
August 28, 2023 Arnel Piquero Comments Off

Federal Way Tree Trimming Service


Pruning and trimming trees is critical to their health. It is also essential for maintaining the beauty and safety of your property. However, you must know that there is much more to pruning trees than just snipping off a few branches here and there. Unless done by an seasoned tree trimming service provider, the removal of trees can actually endanger the health and life of tree.

Contact Pacific Tree Service when it is time for pruning the trees on your property. Our company has provided tree trimming service in Federal Way, WA since 2001 and can be trusted to get the job done:

  • Correctly
  • By an experienced arborist
  • Without harming or disfiguring the tree

We can be scheduled for trimming trees on a residential or commercial property on a regular basis and are also available for one-time tree trimming service in the Federal Way area.

Federal Way Trimming Trees


Good tree care is a science and an art. Years of diligent nurturing that go into growing from a sapling to a mature tree can come to an end with only a few times of indiscriminate or improper trimming of trees.

Make sure that the professionals you hire for trimming trees in your Federal Way property have:

  • Knowledge of seasonal growth cycles of various tree species
  • Training in the right techniques of tree trimming
  • Specialized tools for pruning trees

We are happy to be the expert and well-equipped tree trimming service provider that you want to work with. Our technicians are rigorously trained for trimming trees of any type and size.

Federal Way Tree Cutting


Our expertise is not limited to tree trimming service. We also provide tree cutting and removal services. Is there a tree, or several, in your yard that you want to get rid of? Our tree cutting specialists are here to help.

There are many reasons why you could need tree cutting on your Federal Way property. Primarily, the trees that have to be cut down and removed from the yard are the ones that

  • Are a safety hazard for the neighborhood
  • Hamper an upcoming landscaping/construction project
  • Crowd the lot
  • Have been severely infected and cannot be saved

Whatever your situation, trust us to meet your tree cutting needs in the most timely, efficient, safe, and affordable way.

Pacific Tree Service is the expert to turn to when it is time for trimming trees on your Federal Way property. We also offer tree cutting service. Call (253) 499-9133.