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Stump Removal Federal Way
August 28, 2023 Arnel Piquero Comments Off

Stump Removal Federal Way


Trees look beautiful in the yard, but at times they need to be cut or they fall after a thunderstorm or flood leaving an ugly stump in the ground. You need to remove this stump from your property as it not only looks out of place, but is also a tripping hazard.

Get in touch with the professionals at Pacific Tree Service for efficiently conducted tree stump removal in Federal Way, WA. As an established company, we have been offering our services since 2001. We recommend you to get tree stump removal completed by experts like us and not DIY as:

  • Likelihood of property damage
  • The roots of mature trees are not easy to remove
  • You might be ill-equipped

We handle the removal of stumps of any size. Being well equipped with the latest and most advanced tools and equipment, we will remove the stumps completely, leaving the rest of the property undamaged.

Tree Stump Removal Federal Way


An important thing to keep in mind when conducting tree stump removal is that the water and gas pipe lines must not be damaged. A large and mature tree might have its roots spread out over a large area.

Count on us for efficient tree stump removal in Federal Way as we have successfully removed stumps from the properties of many residents in the area. We recommend that you let us go ahead with the tree stump removal without any inhibitions because leaving a stump means making it a:

  • Breeding ground for pests and insects
  • Potential tripping hazard
  • Site for new plant growth

Moreover, a stump on the property is an eyesore that simply occupies precious space that can be leveled and used in a more functional way.

Stump Grinding Service Federal Way


If the stump is too large and difficult to pull out, we grind it making it easier to remove. Using heavy duty equipment, we grind the stump finely making it suitable to be used as mulch. Properly conducted stump grinding service in Federal Way can leave the site thoroughly clean.

Count on us when you require stump grinding service in Federal Way. Choosing us for stump grinding service is an ideal decision as we are:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Well equipped
  • Thorough professionals

While conducting the stump grinding service, we ensure that no nearby land is damaged. We also make sure that the sight is completely clean after the work is done.

Call Pacific Tree Service at (253) 499-9133 when you require stump grinding service in Federal Way.