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Pierce County Tree Removal Service


Removal of a tree is not something you should take upon yourself. It is advisable to get help of an experienced company. Without the professionals, you might end up getting injured or damage your own or your neighbor’s property.

Take the proper and safe way. Call Pacific Tree Service. We have been carrying out pre-scheduled and emergency tree removal in Pierce County, WA for a long time and can be trusted to do it right.

We send out a team of skilled professionals. On reaching the jobsite, our technicians:

  • Assess the difficulties or risks in taking out the tree
  • Decide upon the best method for removing it
  • Remove the tree carefully, without any hassle
  • Dispose of the debris appropriately

Call us for quick and efficient solution.

Pierce County Tree Removal Company


The services of our company are available in your area for removing a dead or dying tree as well as an alive, mature tree that may be threatening a building, utility wiring or health of nearby trees.

Feel free to get in touch with us. Our company is equipped to handle even the most challenging job. We come for selective or emergency facility on your property with:

  • Proper tree climbing gear
  • Powerful, sharp saws
  • Low or no-impact crane

Being an ethical, responsible company, we also take care that our technicians have the required protective gear and give top priority to safety throughout the job.

Pierce County Emergency Tree Removal


Often when you need to remove one or more trees standing on your property, you can have the job scheduled for a convenient time. However, many times a situation can arise where you need emergency help.

Give our company a call when you have a storm-damaged or rotting tree becoming a serious safety hazard in your yard. Our technicians are dispatched at the earliest for emergency requirements on your property.

Our promptness also combines the best in:

  • Workmanship quality
  • Efficiency in job handling
  • Pricing
  • Customer care

Make Pacific Tree Service your first call when you need the services of a tree removal company in Pierce County. Dial (253) 499-9133.