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Tree Removal Service Kent


There are times when calling for professional tree removal service in Kent is both obvious and necessary.

The majority of residential and commercial property owners in the area share our interest in preserving the beauty of our environment, and look to tree removal as a last resort.

Once our experienced arborist has assessed the specific conditions, risk and unpredictable factors involved, our professional team can proceed with safe removal of small and large trees using industry accepted practices.

We employ a variety of methods depending on its type and size, angle of growth and amount of decay or damage:

  • Climb and rope take down
  • Felling
  • Low or no-impact crane
  • Stump grinding

We have years of experience and training in hazardous, technical removals from residential sites. Call us today to schedule an appointment with an experienced arborist.

Tree Removal Company Kent


As a leading tree removal company in Kent, we are prepared to safely handle any situation, whether it involves a dead or dying tree that has become an unacceptable risk, or a storm damage emergency.

We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process:

  • Starting with a careful, solid assessment by our experienced arborist
  • Analyzing any structural damage or decay
  • Developing a safe plan following industry best practices and protections
  • Consulting with the property owner concerning our proposed course of action
  • Conducting removal process and final clean-up services

In using state-of-the-art equipment and working closely with our experienced arborist, we are well equipped to deal with any size project in both wide open and tight spaces.

Call for more information about our professional services or to request an estimate.

Kent Emergency Tree Removal


We are one of the leading Kent emergency tree removal companies with an experienced and fully-insured team of professionals that specializes in quick-response services.

With the guidance of an experienced arborist and the use of advanced equipment, we can ensure safe extraction with minimal or no property damage for even the most difficult projects and tight spaces.

Whether you have suffered catastrophic damage from a storm, instability of a dead or dying tree that is suspect and poses a significant risk, or infrastructure damage, we can work in most any type of condition utilizing our low impact crane that is:

  • Surface friendly – minimizes turf damage and soil compaction
  • Safe and highly efficient
  • Cost effective – less time and labor than traditional methods
  • Highly mobile and stable

If you are a homeowner needing tree removal from a hard-to-reach area, such as a hill, near a septic system or even a fenced-in back yard, we have the skills and equipment for safe extraction and lowering into a designated safe space with the least amount of impact to your property.

Call Pacific Tree Service for difficult extractions using a range of methods in all types of areas and conditions. (253) 499-9133