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Tree Pruning Kent


With the professional knowledge and guidance of our experienced arborist, we employ best management practice tree pruning in Kent necessary to improve or maintain the appearance, health, and safety of trees.

We are trained and equipped to provide proper tree pruning techniques including removal of limbs that:

  • Are diseased or insect-infested
  • Have suffered storm damage
  • Interfere with structures or utilities
  • Obstruct streets, driveways or sidewalks
  • Are dead decayed, or weak and pose an unacceptable risk

This procedure involves cutting off and removing compromised branches so that new growth can occur on the large branch or main trunk that not only increases the beauty, but also encourages healthy growth to keep it viable.

Call Pacific Tree Service to schedule an assessment for best care recommendations.

Tree Pruning Service Kent


We follow industry practices and protocols to help keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

One of our specialties is providing best tree pruning services in Kent that encourage:

  • Healthy invigorated growth
  • Improved structural integrity
  • Increased life expectancy

We recommend calling highly trained professionals who work closely with an experienced arborist to ensure the use of proper procedures to ensure structural integrity, health and aesthetic value.

We have an experienced arborist on staff with knowledge and understanding of tree biology, and a deep respect for their proper care. Little to no care or maintenance can present a significant liability as opposed to adding considerable value to your property.

Whether your need is an emergency or general maintenance, call us to set up an appointment for an assessment and recommendations for the care required.

Kent Fruit Tree Pruning


In getting off to the right start, Kent fruit tree pruning service under the guidance of an experienced arborist is the most important procedure during early development.

The focus during the early years is to increase scaffold strength, remove any crossing branches, and to promote fruiting branches. Failure to follow these procedures may result in growth retardation or no growth at all, and it will likely take longer to bear fruit.

We are experienced in providing professional services based on proper timing and methods as the keys to providing a high quality and bountiful crop:

  • Annual maintenance pruning to open the canopy and prevent crowding
  • Cutting the tree back to stimulate stronger and more vigorous growth
  • Initiating early shaping process to balance the root system with the top portion
  • Waiting for dormancy to begin the process – except for emergency treatment

Call Pacific Tree Service for an assessment by our experienced arborist to determine what should be done to promote health, growth and optimal shape for maximum production. (253) 499-9133