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Stump Removal Edgewood
August 28, 2023 Arnel Piquero Comments Off

Stump Removal Edgewood


Tree removal jobs tend to leave behind a reminder in the form of a stocky stump. Property owners would do well to get tree stump removal done simultaneously, but more often than not they neglect this. As a result, they have to call in professionals again somewhere down the line for taking out the ‘tree leftover’.

Tree stumps are undesirable for many reasons. People generally call Pacific Tree Service for tree stump removal in Edgewood, WA when they find that the stump:

  • Looks unsightly in the well-maintained yard
  • Causes kids to trip and fall
  • Hampers the use of the lawn mower
  • Becomes a home of insects, rodents, etc.

Sometimes we are called in to remove a stump if the tree starts to re-grow. No matter what prompts you to need tree stump removal on your Edgewood property, hire us to be sure of a seamless job.

Tree Stump Removal Edgewood


It is wise to get professional help with the removal of tree stumps, regardless of their size. Trying to do the work yourself, with assistance of family or friends, can spoil the weekend for everyone and still have no favorable outcome from the effort. Injury to people, soil damage, and landscape destruction are the most likely results from DIY tree stump removal on your Edgewood home or commercial property.

Why invite trouble when we are at hand to help? Call us to schedule stump grinding service that gets rid of the unwanted stump:

  • Within no time
  • Very efficiently and completely
  • With minimal environmental impact
  • Without risking personal safety or landscape damage

We have your tree stump removal job performed by qualified and experienced technicians using a powerful stump grinder.

Stump Grinding Service Edgewood


Our stump grinding service is available for removing all types of tree stumps. Regardless of how old, hardened, high, dense and thick the stump in your yard may be, our technicians can be trusted to grind it down to ground level without any hassle.

We respect the time and investment of our customers. When you schedule us for stump grinding service in the Edgewood area, count on us to:

  • Arrive at the scheduled time
  • Prevent harm to property/landscape during the job
  • Offer a fair price

Our stump grinding service also includes cleaning up the jobsite, gathering stump debris that makes excellent landscape mulch.

Pacific Tree Service is your trusted tree stump removal specialist. Call (253) 499-9133 for stump grinding service in the Edgewood area.