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Tree Removal Service Seattle


Lush green spaces with several trees in the yard make your residential or commercial property look beautiful. However, you might occasionally need to schedule or have emergency tree removal done to deal with trees that have either become a hindrance or a safety hazard. Having the help of a professional tree removal company is essential to taking the tree out safely.

Call Pacific Tree Service for routine or emergency tree removal service in the Seattle, WA area. Being experienced and established tree removal company, we recommend the removal of trees that are decayed or diseased and that an arborist cannot save. Similarly, you must remove trees nearly uprooted and left-leaning precariously by a strong to avoid any damage to the nearby structures.

To be sure of delivering safe tree removal services on your Seattle property, we keep in mind all relevant factors such as:

  • Species of the tree
  • Size and location of the tree
  • The root system that supports the tree


Tree Removal Company Seattle


Tree removal is a complicated job that requires expert arborists and specialized equipment. You should choose a tree removal company that has proven its exceptional skills in taking down trees expertly even from restricted spaces. Choose us.

We are a highly reputable tree removal company serving the Seattle area that provides routine and emergency tree removal service using the best:

  • Climbing equipment
  • Tree cutting and felling tools
  • Protective gear for our technicians

As an ethical tree removal company, we consider it our responsibility to keep your property and our staff safe from an incident during the job. We follow all norms and regulations while removing the trees.

Seattle Emergency Tree Removal


Strong high winds leave trees uprooted, with their branches dangling dangerously and posing a threat to the nearby buildings. When this happens, you need emergency tree removal service. You cannot afford to have the tree fall suddenly, damaging property and possibly hurting someone.

In the Seattle area call us for emergency tree removal. Our emergency tree removal service is available:

  • Round-the-clock
  • For trees of all types and sizes
  • At very competitive pricing

Choose us as your tree removal company and let our skilled, seasoned arborists rid your yard of hazardous trees. You will be glad that you did.

Feel free to get in touch with Pacific Tree Service any time for tree removal service around Seattle. Call us at (253) 499-9133.