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Tree Removal Service Lake Forest Park


If large trees are leaning precariously after a storm, you need to remove them immediately. The same applies to badly decayed or diseased trees. However, tree removal is a challenging job. Having the help of an experienced tree removal company is the best way to ensure that the trees are removed safely.

Rely on Pacific Tree Service for emergency tree removal service around the Lake Forest Park, WA area. We are a leading tree removal company known for delivering fast and professional services. Besides carrying out hazardous tree removal, we offer tree removal service for even healthy trees that might be causing an obstruction or are otherwise not wanted in the yard.

We take a customized approach to all pre-planned or emergency tree removal jobs in Lake Forest Park. Our tree removal service team considers all relevant factors such as:

  • Tree size and structure
  • The condition of the tree
  • Surrounding landscape and nearby building structures


Tree Removal Company Lake Forest Park


We understand that all home and business owners watch their budgets carefully. When it is necessary to choose a tree removal service, however, they should not make the mistake of selecting cost over quality.

Choosing a particular tree removal company just because of their low prices can be counter-productive. You could end up spending more on repairing the property or landscape damages brought on by improper or careless tree removal.

Call us whenever you need the services of a tree removal company around Lake Forest Park. Hiring us assures you of all the satisfaction that comes from working with a tree removal company that:

  • Is licensed, bonded and insured
  • Maintains up to date equipment for removing trees
  • Attracts excellent reviews from happy customers
  • Has fair and affordable rates


Lake Forest Park Emergency Tree Removal


The need for emergency tree removal usually occurs after a storm or high winds. Storm-damaged trees must be removed as soon as possible before they fall on buildings or overhead wires. You should also get an emergency tree removal service for diseased or decaying trees.

Hire us no matter why you need emergency tree removal service in the Lake Forest Park area. We ensure that the job is done by technicians who:

  • Have proven skills
  • Bring extensive experience to the job
  • Wear appropriate tools and safety gear

Safeguard your property by trusting us with your emergency tree removal job.

Call Pacific Tree Service at (253) 499-9133 when you need to hire a tree removal company in the Lake Forest Park area.